Recycling Calendars Now Online

The Teaneck Recycling Calendar for 2011 is now available online. Click on the Calendars tab above to view the calendar on-screen plus information on how to add the recycling calendar to your own electronic calendar (such as Outlook, iCal, Google calendar, etc) so you never miss a recycling date. When subscribing be sure to subscribe to both the main calendar AND your zone. For more information about the expanded curbside recycling program, see the Recycling tab, above.


About teaneckgreen

Created by Resolution of the Teaneck Council, we advise the Council on actions the municipality can take to improve the environment of Teaneck by reducing pollution (including greenhouse gas emissions), save energy, reduce impacts on natural resources (air, water, soil), promote recycling and reuse and reduce landfill wastes, and improve health of our citizens.
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8 Responses to Recycling Calendars Now Online

  1. Abhilash Philip says:

    I live on Redmond Street in Teaneck. I put out the recycling bin out today but it wasn’t emptied. I also noticed that none of the neighbors had theirs out. Last year, the pickup was on the second friday of the month. Has that changed?

  2. teaneckgreen says:

    Hi. Welcome to Teaneck Green. You are correct: zones and pickup days have changed since last year. First you need to find your zone. Unfortunately, the new zone map is not on this site (hope to add it real soon). You can get it in the Teaneck Times the town mailed to every residence, or online at Then check the calendar for your zone pick up dates, usually the same day of the week every two weeks with a few exceptions. In addition to the calendar on the town Web site, the entire calendar plus zone by zone calendars you can subscribe to are available on this site — click on “Calendars” on the menu bar above.

  3. Shelley Stein says:


    We are in area 7 and we missed recycling pick up last Wednesday, January 12th due to the snow. Our next pick up is not until Wednesday, January 26th. Is there someway that an interim pick up can be scheduled earlier? Please note, our December pick up was the first Friday in December, which is approximately an 8 week span between pickups. We also do not have a van, so we do not have an easy way to get our recyclables to Public Works area.

  4. Kelly says:

    Is there any type of arrangements to get the New yellow recycling pails to people that don’t drive?
    Several people have commented on teaneck Patch that they would like a Pail but have no way to get to the depot.


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